The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia
Open Net

In order to implement the state program on broadband, fiber-optic infrastructure development, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia established the non-entrepreneurial, non-profit legal entity Open Net on July 21, 2015.

Open Net performs its activities in accordance with Resolution 375, which was approved by the Georgian government on July 28, 2016. More information about this resolution can be found [here].

 According to Government Resolution

  • For the purpose of providing open access services to the selected geographic area settlements, the network and infrastructure built during the broadband infrastructure component will be state owned and transferred to Open Net for management.
  • The broadband infrastructure and network (including the Pilot Part) will not be rented or transferred to another Operator within the 10 years from the commission and exploitation of the broadband network.
  • Open Net is obliged to provide open access services to other operators in case of such request.
  • Open Net will not be providing last-mile services.