The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development
Open Net

The main mission of N(N)LE Open Net is the internetisation of Georgia’s Regions and elimination of digital inequality, which in itself is the key component of the National Strategy for Broadband Network Development.

Our goals are: to create a unified, neutral fiber-optic infrastructure; equal opportunities for access to quality internet for residents of Georgia and delivery of the knowledge to the public, which is so vital for each citizen in this Digital Era.

For the purposes of achieving these goals, Open Net is implementing the Log-In Georgia project, which consists of two components and includes the construction of high quality broadband infrastructure, along with the promotion of the digital service usage and increase of public awareness in this direction.  In the scope of the project, special attention is given to the development of the digital literacy in directions like: education; health and financial services; the use of internet and social services by social minorities and people with disabilities.

In parallel with the construction of the infrastructure, Open Net will operate the network created under both the pilot project as well as under the Log-In Georgia project, where every Internet Service Provider will have open access services with free, unrestricted and nondiscriminatory conditions.