The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia
Log in Georgia

Open Net is disclosing documents for the Log in Georgia Project


During the preparation period of the Log in Georgia Project, we developed the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF), which describes the possible impacts that the project might have on the environmental and social aspects of the affected regions.

Documentation will be shown to all the interested parties for the purpose of reading and discussions around them.

The date of the virtual discussion for the ESF will be disclosed shortly.




















      • Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF): This instruments provides and overall view of the environmental and social frameworks applicable to the project, listing the various risks, impacts, mitigating measures, and other key information.
      • Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP): This instrument lists the various commitments made by the project towards mitigation of environmental and social aspects relevant to project activities.
      • Labor Management Procedures (LMP): This instrument highlights the various laws, policies, and procedures governing the use of human resources for the implementation of project activities.
      • Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP): This instrument highlights the various stakeholders to the project’s activities and a framework to engage with them throughout the project implementation period.
      • Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF): This instruments governs how the project will address situations requiring any kind of resettlement or disruption on account of project implementation, if any.


The ESF is in full correspondence of the Georgian and World Bank’s Environmental and Social protection policy.