The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia

Nino Kubinidze is invited by EBRD to present the State Program for Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia at a conference held in Athens, Greece.


The director of Open Net, Nino Kubinidze, participated in the regional conference, “Investment in Broadband Infrastructure,” organized within the ABC initiative (Accelerating Broadband Connectivity) by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The conference was attended by 80 delegates of different nationalities and was led by analysts and ­experts from successful consulting firms including Cullen International, Analysys Mason, and Arthur D. Little, as well as the heads of regulatory commissions from different countries and representatives of the European Commission Broadband Unit (B5) DG Connect.

The aim of the conference was to provide information and financial assistance from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to those countries where broadband infrastructure development has not yet begun. EBRD expressed its willingness to assist these countries, particularly in helping them comply with the legislative base of European regulations and developing the necessary government policies.

It should be noted that Georgia’s representative, the director of Open Net, attended the conference as a consultant. The program to provide broadband internet infrastructure in Georgia has already begun activity with the help of financial support from the Cartu Foundation, an international charitable organization.

According to its representatives, EBRD already has a significant track record of participating in different reform programs in Georgia. Representatives noted the successful reform of digital broadcasting in Georgia in 2014-2015 and discussed the consulting services currently being provided to Georgia by experts from Grant Thornton and Analysys Mason, with the support of EBRD, regarding changes in the telecommunications field.

In her presentation Nino Kubinidze spoke about the state policy regarding Georgia’s broadband fiber-optic infrastructure development program, including its model, stages, and processes. She also described Georgia’s compliance with European guidelines and regulations in this area.

“I am very pleased to be with you today and that I am able to speak on behalf of my country about the current status of the state program on broadband infrastructure development,” began Dr. Kubinidze. “Georgia has already made some important steps in this direction. With the completion of this program, fiber-optic infrastructure will be significantly more developed across Georgia. Modern technology, programs, and apps will be available in rural Georgia, and as a result public computer literacy will increase. It will also be possible to incorporate international standards and best practices in Georgia. Perhaps most importantly, this program will encourage small and medium business development, facilitate the formation of new local enterprises, and reduce migration from the regions to the capital.”

As the director of Open Net, Nino Kubinidze’s presentation received positive feedback from those countries where the process of broadband infrastructure development is still in the early stages. Delegates inquired in detail about the progress of Georgia’s program, and EBRD representatives emphasized that Georgia now leads in ICT sector development among post-Soviet counties.