The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development

At the FTTH23 conference Mariam Sulaberidze presented the ongoing project “Log In Georgia”


This year, Madrid hosted one of the largest FTTH industry conferences in the world. Over the course of three days, the conference brought together over 100 industry leaders and thousands of delegates. Technological experts, investors and business leaders had a chance to share their experiences and visions with the audience.

Mariam Sulaberidze, the CEO of Open Net presented the “Log in Georgia” project, created to eliminate the digital divide between rural and urban areas of Georgia and give new opportunities to people living in rural regions by establishing a unified, neutral, fiber optic infrastructure.

Within the framework of the event relevant problems, barriers and found resolutions were discussed among leaders.

The FTTH conference, organized by the Council of Europe, has been held in various European cities since 2004. The three-day event includes conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc.