The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia

Nino Kubinidze participates in Georgian Cyber Security and Information Technology Development IX Regional Conference


Georgian capital has hosted the annual regional conference GITI 2016 organized by the Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the ICT Business Council. The conference dedicated to cyber security and information technology issues was held at the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi.

It was the ninth conference this year, where the participants, traditionally, presented innovative IT projects they had worked out through the year, discussed the issues of cyber security and information technology development, got familiarized with successful examples of different countries and watched the presentations by popular experts.

The Director of Open Net Company, Dr. Nino Kubinidze presented Georgia’s governmental program of universal internatization at the conference.

“The government of Georgia started to work on the implementation of the broadband infrastructure development initiative in 2014 and since then, we have made essential progress. Most importantly, this governmental program and the adopted model fully comply with European regulations and are focused on the support both to the private sector and the sustainable economic and social progress.

It is known that the work of Open Net is determined under the government’s resolution. According to the initial component of the governmental program of universal internetization, the co-funding competition for the telecommunication operators on Georgian market is currently underway and upon its completion, we will start the implementation of the second component – the construction of the network.

Each activity performed by Open Net, including working meetings and consultations with interested parties, as well as the process of improvement of the competition documentation with the involvement of the private sector and by consideration of their interests, was and will always be public and transparent at each phase.

It is important to construct broadband infrastructure throughout Georgia and make available, for the Georgian population, modern services and programs such as: electronic healthcare, electronic education, electronic governance, commerce and etc., - in any urban area, where similar services have never been available so far”, - Nino Kubinidze said.

It’s worth noting that about five hundred representatives from over twenty countries participated in the GITI 2016.