The State Program on
Broadband Infrastructure Development in Georgia
Definition of Terms
საქართველოში ფართოზოლოვანი, ოპტიკურ- ბოჭკოვანი ინფრასტრუქტურის განვითარების სახელმწიფო პროგრამაში გამოყენებულ ტერმინებს აქვს შემდეგი მნიშვნელობა:
  • Access point

    a telecommunications point under ownership of an electronic communications network operator that provides open access to other operators for the delivery of services.

  • Marginal volumes

    marginal volumes are pre-defined for settlements by the tender board where the beneficiary has an obligation to provide open-access service to other authorized persons.

  • White zone

    a cluster of populated areas where, according to the Georgian National Communications Commission and information provided by telecommunications operators, there is no broadband infrastructure owned or utilized by the operators within a two-kilometer radius that is uninterruptedly connected to the operators’ optical highways.

  • Telecommunication point

    a group of passive and/or active elements that ensure the integrity of an electronic communication network and the transmission of data via high-bandwidth communication channels.

  • Broadband infrastructure

    those supporting devices—optic cables, sewage channels, pillars, wells, boxes, terminal devices, buildings, data-transfer equipment, and others—that together provide high-bandwidth communication channels between two or more telecommunication points.

  • Open-access service

    the delivery of transit services (including optical pairs and dedicated lines) at an access point created by the beneficiary or the temporary manager within the network built under this program. The essential requirement of the open-access service is the provision of connection and service on a non-discriminatory basis with the pre-defined quality of service and technical parameters, and in compliance with the service activation terms.